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About Georgie


Georgie Anna Holbrook – Intuitive holistic mentor/educator, speaker, author

Georgie has taught natural alternative ways of healing in universities, colleges, hospitals, companies, churches, etc. across the USA. She has an on-going private practice. Her passion came out of years of searching for ways people of all ages can live in harmony with nature.

When asked what she does, Georgie says “I pray up, show up and listen deeply to my intuition.” Then translates what she hears, sees, feels and senses. Her passion is sharing her years of proven remedies with others and the ripple affect it has on individuals, families and companies. Georgie teaches that learning to love one’s self is the answer to all healing – health or relationships.

Georgie has many gifts. One is as an intuitive-interpreter of one’s inner emotional body language. This language shows up in mild to extreme health challenges – as a sacred messenger, not to be feared, but learned from. Many times Georgie has witnessed these challenges reversed.  Choosing to heal the past and create a more harmonious environment in which to live will deliver pleasant surprises of wellness and abundance.

Georgie’s spiritual journey began having served as a vice president, board member and leader of major corporations. In fact, industry leaders, including H. Ross Perot, have hired her to design solutions to create harmony with hundreds of cross cultural employees.

Georgie is available for individuals and groups that have a deep desire to learn prevention, natural ways to heal and live joy-filled lives.



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Coach, Mentor, Teacher

Georgie has taught in universities, colleges, businesses, and churches nationally. She has healing articles that have appeared in numerous magazines. She has been an instructor at 3 massage schools. Capturing worldwide attention, her books, CDs and DVDs are easy-to-use guides to achieving physical, emotional, and spiritual health.


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