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Natural Cures for Rosacea by Georgie Holbrook

Georgie healed herself of Rosacea - You Can Too!

Georgie - Before and Georgie Holbrook after she used natural cures for rosacea

Georgie believes rosacea, acne and other health challenges can inherently be healed once a person understands how their body does healing and repair. She has advance training in solving health challenges and in taking the ‘whole person’ into consideration and not just isolated body parts.

As an emotional wellness coach, she is an intuitive-interpreter of one’s inner body language helping her clients translate what their bodies are requesting in order to heal - going beyond head knowledge. Reference: "Rage can trick you” and "Stuffed emotions can reappear” from her The Rosacea-Acne Natural Remedy book along with her CD’s Emotionally Heal Your Physical Self and Issues In Your Tissues.

Georgie teaches others how to create harmony within their mind, body and spirit. Once balance is established – the opportunity for total healing, happiness and prosperity are inherently one’s birth-right.

Discover your natural ability to heal and find deeper
 meaning to life - the ‘gift to yourself’ that keeps on giving

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20 years of experience

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Acne, Rosacea and other Healing Stories I've Witnessed

Heal Holistically Acne & Rosacea at the Cell Level


Knowledge of Glycobiology can Improve Your Health

Please watch this YouTube message given by a Dutch doctor in Germany that is speaking at a Ted’s Talk Event.  What clarity she has on the Divine Intelligence within our bodies to heal – she shows healthy cells and cancer cells.  I invite you to spread this news and let’s help prevent cancer and random symptoms. Let’s self-heal our health challenges. We have the best Glyco-nutrition science in the world and this doctor is very clear about the natural healing process at the cell level.  With pictures to prove it !!     I can get you Glyco-nutrition which has 50 patents - almost anywhere in the world. Prices start at $70.00 (US). E-mail me when you are ready to order.

Georgie is highly intuitive in figuring out how a healthy person suddenly gets a devastating diagnosis. She knows how being emotionally and spiritually empty can cause health challenges. Georgie knows how mild to extreme stress can impair the physical body, shutting down the life force and skeletal system and how childhood trauma, sexual abuse, or neglect can manifest and disguise itself later on in life as a physical challenge, low self-esteem or addictions. For 20 years she taught others how these health challenges can be reversed and to not settle for less. Her consultation will empower you to be enlightened for a lifetime and not frightened when physical and emotional changes occur. Her inspirational style involves you with encouragement and compassion for a ‘try it and experience the difference’ lifestyle approach.

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Coach, Mentor, Teacher

Georgie has taught in universities, colleges, businesses, and churches nationally. She has healing articles that have appeared in numerous magazines. She has been an instructor at 3 massage schools. Capturing worldwide attention, her books, CDs and DVDs are easy-to-use guides to achieving physical, emotional, and spiritual health.